Maximum flexibility
With your help we can find a good solution for your specific needs. We can create a combination of open air cooking or home cooking which you can either make at the lodge or we can have delivered from local producers of locally created gourmet dishes. Dalagård has grills and a large wood-fired bakery and pizza oven.
There are also many opportunities to cook the old-fashioned way in the forests around our house, often in connection with some outdoor activity.

Food and meals
Food and meals are an essential part of the experience, especially when you are close to nature. Our private customers often make their own food and there are two complete kitchens at Dalagård. Our conference guests often want to have a suggested menu which often includes the following;

  • Coffee/Tea and sandwich/cake on arrival, and maybe also during the conference.
  • Lunch, sometimes in the forest. Usually at home.
  • Dinner, sometimes in the forest. We often cook dinner together for cohesion and coexistence.
  • Breakfast. We can arrange a large breakfast, but the guests can help themselves when it is appropriate.

In late summer, we catch crayfish and often have crayfish parties for our guests. Later in the autumn there may be the opportunity for game dinners with very locally produced foods.

Local beer, mulled wine, mustard and chocolate

In the vicinity of Dalagård  there are several manufacturers of locally produced world-class food and drink, which we both can taste and buy . Contact us to find out more.